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For Insurance Purposes
For Insurance Purposes

Most of us think of autopsies in relation to homicide cases, but there are other ways in which autopsies can provide evidence for legal action. For example, if an autopsy determines a death to be the result of a work or environmental hazard, it may lead to compensation for family.

If you suspect foul play in the first autopsy,  or would like a second opinion for quality assurance, you must make the choice of to have a second autopsy performed fairly quickly after the first autopsy.

The autopsy should be performed as soon as possible after death to prevent changes from interfering with the examination.  The results of some specialized tests may be affected by a delay in the autopsy examination.

In order to perform an autopsy, we require signed authorization from the individual who has the legal right to request an autopsy, usually next of kin. Prior to the autopsy, Dr. Norford will need to know any additional restrictions or organs of interest.